Within and without


Only a few days back, I started flirting with a story idea, surrounding the journey of a tree that would only grow in roots and never have any leaves or flowers. The intense struggle in the private corners of a person’s life makes them more rooted, I thought. After all, the ulterior motive is to take it all in and internalise life’s lessons without making it obvious.¬† The colors and flowers are just a mere distraction that I should stay away from at all cost.

I changed my mind. I cannot write this story like how I had imagined it earlier because something has really moved me today. For the last two years, I have been like the tree in my story, rooted but not flowering. I have grown and become intense but I have forgotten to be a fool who once enjoyed the endless sunshine.

And I thought to myself today, there is enough warmth in the trunk of my tree to just grow in roots, it has to spread. It has to celebrate. Let it grow some leaves and flowers too because I will only be beautiful when I make others feel that way. I stood up for myself and I stood up for others. And in this melancholy, I feel whole again. There is no point in learning if you cannot share your knowledge in beautiful ways. Roots would never grow if there were no leaves to sustain them.

Image: Embryo by Xetobyte.


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