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Eye contact.


I am not waiting for something intelligent or wise. Just tell me something beautiful. I want to know why you are trying to wash away the drunkenness of your eyes with shots of coffee. They are trying to tell me a story. Don’t wash away your tale.

How will I ever know you then? What kept you up in the night? Were you thinking about work or you met someone interesting? It’s okay to let your eyes do the talking. They have stopped smiling the way they did when we departed for the weekend.

Yes, I know we have to work through the week but I refuse to do it with my eyes shut and high on coffee at the same time. I refuse to drown into work without drowning in your eyes first or else you will never know how my eyes light up when I have accomplished something at work or how they tear up at rejection or failure.

We are moving in these physical spaces of cubicles, desks and our minds without looking at each other into the eyes. Do you see me? I want to tell you something. Look in to my eyes and you will know. But I am aware that years will pass and both of us will be stuck looking through files, papers and computer screens but not at each other.

PS: Anyways, I want you to know something about me and my eyes. I have this fascination for bright and glowing objects. I once read in some magazine that the only place where the stars are the brightest in the sky is in Central African Republic. This is because it is the least polluted by light. I would like to go there and see the stars in the open sky. I know, it’s going to beautiful. Only if you could see it in my eyes. Until then.


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