My dad says a lot of interesting stuff. Like this:

  • Arranged marriages should be banned. Those who cannot find spouses for themselves don’t deserve to get married in the first place.
  • You can have all the books you want in the world but I don’t want you to be that child who flaunts a massive walk-in wardrobe.
  • Why do they make these tablets so big? It is impossible to swallow them (Tries to swallow two or more than two at a time. Always).
  • I am your mother when she is not around but she always is and that still makes me your mother.
  • Snakes make ideal pets because they are so beautiful and harmless.
  • I need a new ringtone. Kindly download the latest BBC news countdown music for me, please.
  • Who is Priyanka Chopra?
  • I will only participate in the Master Chef challenge if they invite me as a Judge.
  • Stop dressing your best friends as monkeys and chimps for a cause. They are not animals like you!
  • I hate Hyenas. I never feel bad when Lions kill them in those animal shows.
  • You don’t deserve to adopt a pet. Chotu ( a tiny flowering plant in our balcony) died because of your neglect.
  • No, you should not go to see your sick colleague in the hospital. Hospitals are not a place for small children.

Photo courtesy: Judith Loske


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5 thoughts on “Dad-isms

  1. Pinka uncle be soooo funny 😀 😀
    But i agree with him bout the snakes being the ideal pet!-no giving them a bath, no taking them to the vet for a shot (if they bite you, you die, and not froth in the mouth and become a lunatic) and they do not smell like a wet dog during rains, well because they aren’t dogs.I want a snake and a Panda.Maybe a jellyfish too.

  2. So hilarious. He is so cool. I love the part about BBC ringtone and Hyenas getting killed…

  3. Haha he is very funny. There are so many more anecdotes of his that did not add because they are too controversial. 😛

  4. You got a great dad! Very few give that beautiful reason for not allowing adopting a pet! Mostly it is ..simply.. “No!”
    Loved the name ‘Chotu’ for a little plant 🙂

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