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Take a wet, smelly animal and cook it in a curry with some incense sticks. That’s exactly how I feel about eating Thai food.




My dad says a lot of interesting stuff. Like this:

  • Arranged marriages should be banned. Those who cannot find spouses for themselves don’t deserve to get married in the first place.
  • You can have all the books you want in the world but I don’t want you to be that child who flaunts a massive walk-in wardrobe.
  • Why do they make these tablets so big? It is impossible to swallow them (Tries to swallow two or more than two at a time. Always).
  • I am your mother when she is not around but she always is and that still makes me your mother.
  • Snakes make ideal pets because they are so beautiful and harmless.
  • I need a new ringtone. Kindly download the latest BBC news countdown music for me, please.
  • Who is Priyanka Chopra?
  • I will only participate in the Master Chef challenge if they invite me as a Judge.
  • Stop dressing your best friends as monkeys and chimps for a cause. They are not animals like you!
  • I hate Hyenas. I never feel bad when Lions kill them in those animal shows.
  • You don’t deserve to adopt a pet. Chotu ( a tiny flowering plant in our balcony) died because of your neglect.
  • No, you should not go to see your sick colleague in the hospital. Hospitals are not a place for small children.

Photo courtesy: Judith Loske

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