1. I cannot tolerate the voice of Lata Mangeshkar.  It is too thin like a whining baby who incidentally has got all the tunes right. It almost makes me cranky. Most of her songs are cranky or they turn cranky midway. It is just the nasal pitch combined with sweet screams that Lata is made of.
  2. I have lived all my life in Mumbai and I dislike it. I prefer New Delhi over it a million times. If you are from Mumbai, kindly ignore this point because you will never get it unless you get over your ‘ I am from Mumbai grudge’ out of your system. Ignore. Just like how you ignore terrorists attacks in the light of the great ‘Mumbai spirit’.
  3. I think Jim Morrison was a mediocre songwriter and musician. All that jazz was about his attention seeking lifestyle. Inconsistent and reckless about everything and that’s what makes me wonder that all that gyaan about the universe in his music is just a sham. Some people are smooth talkers. He was just that.
  4. Most of the celibate priests I have met so far in life have sexual frustration in their eyes. Being celibate is a fucking show. Any girl can tell this, I am sure. There is nothing holy about them.
  5. Most people everywhere in the world can handle their drink but they take special pride in getting drunk and making a fool of themselves because it’s cool.
  6. I have never met a bad Pakistani being an Indian myself. I mean never and I have met a lot of Pakistanis in this lifetime.
  7. The most innovative and powerful graphic novels come from artists  born and raised in the new world order and not USA as perceived. They are not stuck to a particular style of drawing that is often seen in the western countries and also the stories are surreal enough in very groundbreaking real stories. Most western countries’ Graphic novels don’t have that.
  8. Video games can also have a calming effect on a person and not necessarily breed violence. I have spent my entire childhood playing violent video games and eventually I became a pacifist thinking of these games on a more existential level. So kindly hand over the gaming console back in your kid’s hand!
  9. Majority of the hippies are uneducated, cowardly, visionless people who lose themselves to crappy music and drugs. Junking in Goa is not called traveling the world, my friend! And you can get Moksha and Karma even on the toilet seat of your mobile van so stop all this philosophical drama! Do something productive. Being a hippie is not a real profession, you know. The real hippies don’t even want to label themselves.
  10. Burping and farting are perfectly normal human habits. It should be made official in public to do these things without any shame for it.  It is annoying to us today only because there is a social stigma around it. In your loved one’s company or your own company, you always do these things loudly. Now don’t lie!

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