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Special Child of God.


When I was a child, my grandfather always told me I was a special child of God. This used to make me feel very loved and I would giggle a lot, feeling proud that God chose me to be his/her special child. When I fall, he has always picked me up and loved me so much. I don’t even have to ask for love, it is waiting for me. All I have to do is believe in him and love comes my way. I feel special and pampered like a child.

As I grew up, I realised that all of us are special in our own way and God’s chosen ones. But I don’t want to talk about other special children here. This is my blog and I don’t feel like sharing my love for God tonight. He is mine like I am his. It is nice to be made feel special by someone but it is even more blissful when you feel you are special from inside for no apparent reason. It is lovely to be one’s favorite and never let oneself be hurt to an extent where you let your mind take over your soul. Soul is special like love, just like love is special as you. Love. Soul. You.


That woman.


She writes, she fights but she doesn’t understand.

She feels, she kneels but she doesn’t comprehend.

She cries, she lies and she does reprimand.

Her feminine grace seeks a man, a man, a man.

It is not about her sex. It is about her ex.

The reminiscence burns her soul,

Her soul seeks a soul like a moll.

All she wants is a man, a man, a man.

Of her spoken word and deed, many a men fell over

 but she doesn’t give a heed.

She is different, her need.

She seeks a man. A man while she can.

Dedicated in the loving memory of Roy and Donna, their love and happiness.

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