Tap, Drop and Math.

Given my math record in school, I have always detested the subject in all possibilities. In particular , I remember this one (and only) problem-sum from my tenth grade syllabus very well.

It was a hot sunny day and my coaching class was packed with students, given the magnanimous population of India. Sitting on the last bench with my equally disinterested cronies, I was trying hard to look interested in what was going on between the blackboard, the prof and the frontbenchers. That is when the professor read out the sum. ‘Water drops fall at regular intervals from a tap that is 5m above ground. When 3rd drop is leaving the tap, at that instant the first drop touches the ground. How far above the ground is the 2nd drop at that instant and how long will it take for a tank with a 5 liters capacity to be full?'(I copied the specifics of this sum from Google! :P).

I was so annoyed on hearing this crap. My instant reaction was that of ‘hey, get your tap fixed and save some water! There will not be a problem of this sum had you got your tap fixed in the first place!’. The joke was much appreciated in my friends except for the prof who yelled ‘whats so funny?’ at us when he caught us giggling. It has been so many years after I cleared my 10th grade but somehow I could never forget the ridiculous nature of this problem-sum. Maybe it was my mental excuse of detesting math even more.

Anyways, two weeks back, I moved into my new apartment. Bare minimum to say the least. The owner of the place informed me that I shall be paying the electricity and water bills separate from the rent money. fine, except the fact that the TAP in the toilet has a running nose. I have tried everything to fix it and I mean, everything! But to no avail. So the drop-by-drop drip story continues to this day, to this very moment, even while I am typing this. My landlord has offered to repair the tap but he always forgets
(enough said!).

This only means that the water bill this time might be heavy. Nowadays, I am so worried about every single drop that passes out of that tap. I really really want to know the distance between each drop, the time lapse between the first and the second drop, the holding capacity of my bucket, the time it will take from the first drop to fill the empty bucket, the total number of drops to fill the bucket, the time it will take the main water tank to become empty and a lot more. It reminds me of the math problem-sum that finally makes a lot of sense now.

I must say, I am truly enlightened at the way the universe has decided to teach me some math. Now I know whats funny about the joke I cracked some years back. Nothing. Its not even a joke anymore. 😦


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One thought on “Tap, Drop and Math.

  1. swagata on said:


    Funny, ironical post! but really what kind of sum was that!

    Suddenly household problems become important when we stay outside naa….
    Btw, how are you settling in the new place?

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