Greetings from the loo

lizard.jpg gecko

Now every single time I enter my bathroom I am greeted by a giant house-lizard who quickly crawls the length and breadth of the floor as if spreading a red carpet for me. I feel special in a special way.

I am not sure though, how would one feel coming home from a long workday to be treated with such hospitality. This ritual is repeated everyday. I would get turned off before and drop the idea of peeing but now I have made peace with myself.  why should I control my pee because of this ‘bathroom-hijacking-terror-producing-icky-house-lizard’?

Now I just take it as a compliment when I open the door and watch it scroll the floor.  Also if you ever happen to be at my place and have an urge to take a leak, mind you, I have already warned you!


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