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30 things to do before I turn 30.

  1. 1. Get a Tattoo.
  2. Find a left handed shop for myself
  3. Go to Paris, Cyprus and Shillong.
  4. Start my own Venture (Can be anything!).
  5. Finish writing a fiction novel.
  6. Own a cottage in some remote place, close to a water-body.
  7. Learn Rifle shooting.
  8. Have a free fall from a plane.
  9. Go on the road trip of One hundred years of solitude trail.(there actually is such a tourist trip!)
  10. Meet Spongebob in person.
  11. Buy a custom designed, ecofriendly car.
  12. Learn to cook Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.
  13. Master Sanskrit and read all the beautiful poems.
  14. Learn Anger Management.
  15. Win at least one more lottery ticket.
  16. Get a belly button piercing.
  17. Completely quit smoking.
  18. Watch the whole series of South Park and The Simpsons.
  19. Keep boycotting Voting.
  20. Find at least One fan at random.
  21. Adopt one third world child’s education for lifetime.
  22. Reduce my Carbon Footprint.
  23. Create a Vertical farm for myself.
  24. Buy something from an Auction.
  25. Practice yoga, Tai chi and Reiki
  26. Free caged birds as and when possible.
  27. Make my  own signature perfume. Just for my use.
  28. Travel in any Luxury train of India.
  29. Make a powerful documentary on the Disadvantages of Schooling.
  30. Have a big party with beggars from different countries.

Hey PPL….

I just Signed in on Twitter….Well they asked me for a Username…Its Xcezfea. It means part something, part nothing. ‘Fea’ means Spirit in Elvish and ‘Xcez’ means nothing. I have always liked the idea of inventing new words with no meaning or meanings only I can comprehend.

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