Utopian Madness

If the wizard of great magic

shall grant me his will,

he may well grant me

an utopian will.

For I pass on, I pass on

and I pass way,

in a quest to reach

the ideal state,

the ideal state of where

deliverance lay.

my shackles Breaking,

my rumbles mounting

and my eyes dreaming,

Dreaming to a naked dream.

A Naked dream that lay supreme.

The mystery exquisite gets me


The vision requisite makes me


Suffocated am I for the dizzy fizz.

oh! the dizzy fizz,

go captivate me


I go, I go

insane insane

as I capsize the world

from absolute mundane.

I so know of my obsession,

my dying want to feel Salvation.

But I also know of my


Utopian Madness

I haunt.

And Utopian madness

is all I want.

So I rest my eyes to the distant dream

and hope some light to come my way

I shall wait and pray for

the ultimate gleam.

Until I go wild and let

the madness leave me astray.


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3 thoughts on “Utopian Madness

  1. hey…dis is one of my fav poems…i feel xact same way…but i cnt express in THIS WAY!!!!…its superb!!

  2. I m an ardent fan of your poems from now

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