Short story


Rasputin rebirth…


Cirnelle was confused and lost. Her existence couldn’t get enough of her and all she thought of was of the petite Brown manuscript in the giant case, which she had come across in the old broken Mansion near her college. Cirnelle had a keen interest in archeology and was planning to take it as her major subject in college. She often visited such old and weary places to satisfy her hunger and it almost always ended up in disappointment. But not today, as she did stumble on something, she thought might hold some archeological value. She was just going to take the book out but then she heard her best friend Zesta crying out for her loudly in pain.

She immediately rushed out of the old mansion only to find Zesta’s foot ambushed into an old rusted, traditional mousetrap. The trap’s hold was strong and Cirnelle had to use her full energy to pull it apart. Finally as the trap lay loose she freed Zesta. Her hands had become numb by now from so much exertion. They left soon after that and She forgot about the manuscript for sometime.

Rubbing some bee pollen cream over her tender hand in the night, Cirnelle laid thinking and once more the scene of the Mansion returned where she had found the tattered manuscript. A thrill swayed her mind and she just decided to creep out of her bedroom window. It was already too late and her parents were fast asleep. She could not stand the excitement of having actually found something worthwhile for the first time in her life.

Her school was a Kilometer away and a brisk walk would only take about ten minutes from her place. So she carefully removed her big purple torch from the closet, taking care that the slightest noise could wake her parents. She put on her Blue hooded sweatshirt and slowly but steadily managed to slip herself out of the window.

The wind was chilling and was blowing right on her face. She kept walking and flashing her torch at every interval of time till she finally reached the Mansion. The mansion looked humongous and the moon hid behind it giving it a halo effect from behind. Cirnelle knew exactly what to do and she quickly walked across to the fifth room from the dining area where some broken crockery lay in pieces. She opened the heavy case once again and found herself touching the manuscript for the first time. She couldn’t believe it. She quickly identified the writing technique to be some sort of a slogan or poetry. She thought it would be interesting to chant it out loud in the deserted mansion and the aura it would create. So aloud she read out the Writing…”Ezchevikov Nez Karlokesps Naz Favimschwepps Niz Grigori Rasputin Sachwe Toshwertig Toshwertig Danx Revivix”

And as soon as she finished the last word of the script the air around her felt more and more compressing, she felt as if she was pushed from all sides and then abruptly she felt an inflating feeling. Cirnelle, completely lost control of herself and fell to the ground.





















“Hello, My Cirnelle Darling”, called out a deep and powerful voice. Cirnelle woke up with a heavy head and saw a tall figure standing in front of her. She rubbed her eyes and saw a man of almost seven feet in front of her. He had really long hair and he wore a long brown cloak. She tried to get up but she couldn’t. The pain was just too excruciating. “I have been waiting for this, waiting to be reborn again”, He spoke again.

By now Cirnelle had regained her form and so she jumped in panic. “Who are you and how did you get in.” she thought he must be some drunk lunatic perhaps. “I am Gregory Efimovich Rasputin.” Cirnelle laughed out loud and was so sure that she had met some lunatic. “Laugh not, you foolish child for you know not my strength. I have lived Russia and with my death died Russia.” He then explained the adamant Cirnelle that he was really the Great historic figure who was famous for his Magic and sorcery and who was nicknamed “the mad monk”. He told her, “ I used my Magic well and planned my reincarnation to fulfill my dream of Ruling the world. Aah! I was born to rule and I shall return every time to gain my destiny. I framed my death and reframed my birth just the way I wanted it.”

Cirnelle was startled by all the things happening around her and ran outside as quickly as possible from there. She ran home, never stopping even for a slightest moment she found herself safe and sound in her bed with her window tightly closed. She desperately prayed that this would just turn out to be her dream and nothing else.

Next day she woke up to find that everything around her was unchanged and may be she was really dreaming about what had happened yesterday. It is quite common to fancy the real life situation with something extraordinary and she concluded that as she was too excited about the manuscript, which she has seen the previous day, her mind must have flaunted to possibly a weird dream. So once again she decided to go to the old mansion. She took the whole event that had happened the previous night to be an illusion and besides it is always better to rectify doubts, she thought.

As she entered the mansion she was greeted by the same voice as the previous night and a sudden chill went down her throat. She looked back only to find the tall, lean man standing right behind her. Before she could utter a word, the man addressing himself as Rasputin, grabbed her from the shoulders and shook her calling out his name. Cirnelle broke the silence only to say “ I believe you.” She had realized everything that happened the previous night was for real and that the writing she read out was nothing but the reincarnation chant to revive the life of Rasputin.

Rasputin let her go at last and slowly looked into her eyes in a very hypnotizing manner and, before she could regain her form she found herself making love to him over the large wooden table that had laid empty for years without any delicacies served. She fell asleep soon and when she got up she quickly dressed and began to leave when Rasputin called out her name and told her to stay back, so she did and all this while he recited his story to her and explained to her how he had chosen the right time in history to be born again and how he managed to put the manuscript in the case for he knew that the old mansion would lay deserted for years after the royal family was slaughtered completely. The mansion was the royal family’s summerhouse and so it has managed to stay undisturbed from the public eye. The Bolsheviks had decided to bring down the building but there was some dispute over the matter and the house stayed ad it is.














Rasputin quickly took Cirnelle in his strive and impressed her by his mystic ways.

She found him mad at times for he went on night after night reciting chants and performing strange ceremonies. He updated himself about the current scenario in and around Russia from the literature that she provided him with and finally found out the absolution towards his ultimate power. He analyzed that it was the year 2007 and that Russia had decided to roll back democracy and to curb down terrorism. He also understood the dispute of the Western catholic countries with the middle-eastern countries predominantly Islamic in their form.

Here, he thought was his chance to come back into power. First he planned to accelerate the tension between the east and the west by his magic and sorcery. He would make the two worlds fight aggressively and then slowly concentrate towards bringing Russia back to supremacy and making it the ultimate nation under whose command shall be everyone else.

And so he did create major upheaval in the east as well as the west and the condition worsened to such an extent that people sensed the feeling of the Armageddon very near. He continuously exerted himself to spells and practiced rituals in the mansion to completely tear the world into two.

Finally it was now his turn to uplift his dear motherland Russia. He thought to be even more tactful than before. He analyzed that in his last birth he had left many loopholes in his strategy and that this time he would be double careful. So firstly to achieve his goal he created a liquid, which would save him from any kind of manmade material and natural elements like wind, fire, water and air. He found it a shame of past to have died of drowning. He made sure nothing went wrong this time and everything went as planned. Next, he used his old way of drawing trust of the people through his treacherous means. He swore Cirnelle to secrecy and left to travel around the world convincing people through his mystic ideas and his spellbinding personality. He gained people by healing their souls mentally unlike the previous time where he used only spiritual tactics. This time he did have a scientific reason for every possible act he performed on a person. Soon he found himself with the company of most influential people again and though he completely disagreed with the idea of Democracy he flattered the leaders with his fake democratic likes. His monarchial belief was very strong and he would do anything to get it. So Rasputin finally gained all public support and became the next president of Russia. By now the matter in the Middle East had worsened and the western countries were planning to collectively plan a nuclear war on the eastern nations.Russia was also invited. On the otherside the eastern countries too were planning something of this sort and so Rasputin decided to follow the rule where if the two cats are fighting, it is wiser to the monkey and gain out of both the sides.

So Rasputin secretly supported both of them and signed pacts of inter wars. Soon the nuclear war began and before long the whole of the world was destroyed totally, except for Russia who made tall promises but did not participate in any of the wars. There was mayhem and chaos everywhere and people lost all hope. Russia being the only piece of land left without destruction, survived but this was not true, as the nuclear waste started causing a lot of problem and people started dying, the vegetation suffered and the life on the planet earth started becoming extinct. The Armageddon had come for sure and Rasputin being the Antichrist ruptured the planet the way he wanted to. The mad monk lived up to his name and he ended the world to his madness,into madness.

…If only Magic wasn’t invented, there would be no madness. If only Man was never created, there would be no sadness. But then Earth would be heaven and Hell would be non-existant…the Wizard of Great magic sure knows to play his tricks right!


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