Private Moon

Why do they call you old?

when you are so young in love


When you can manifest the hideous dark

In a screaming stove?

Did no one intend to tell you

That you resemble a

Clove of garlic,

So much so

in appearance

as in your

wistful existence?

Don’t gaze at me

Through chilly dawns

On my way to

Nihilistic lawns,

Where you scare me

With warmth


clinch me

With a taunt.

You are big

When my country

brings me laughter

And you are humongous

when my country

is in squander.

But why do you shrink when

I search you?

And where do

You hide when I try to

get to you?

I know you like to gawk through my

Inebriated lens,

And I know that you watch me through

Through your overpowering fence.

And I have no defense,

Just no defense,

To your defiance.


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