And finally you descended from the eternal ocean of daze and free will. Down you come swiftly yet so smoothly as to not stir a soul by your majestic supremacy that you shall later scream to be. Sure enough you shall fall unto the red carpet that has by now ceased to be thin any more. Her ego has given way to her severe structure and yet she longs for you for she didn’t know any better. As you kiss her, you shall bounce back and fall forth on her. To which she shall embrace you with much thirst.

But as you finally get riveted into an ongoing melancholy that shall last a several days, let me crystallize your existence, get a 360 view of you and frame you concrete. I would like to take my time and slide my thin fingers between the thin line that separates you from your ultimate destiny. Rough and forlorn finger of mine takes good care not to perturb this phenomenon. It glides through carefully and when I am done, I feel real and altered in a way I cannot comprehend nor can I compensate. I feel bliss of the highest magnitude and let go the moment impatiently.


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