Before you…

Start the exhaust

before you burn.

Mug the lines

before you learn.

Blow your own horn.

What’s the fun?

Breathe the adventure

Before you travel.

Devour the breed

Before you marvel.

Jump premiere,

Jump farewell.

Did you ring the bell well?

Implore the God

before the odd.

Lower the light

before you sight.

Slay the zeal

No dread deal?

Be a lass

Before you “Alas!”

Set your standard

Before it’s cindered.

There’s an array

of spectrum.

Why infinitum?

Open the Pandora’s box

Before the chance knocks.

Generate the splendor first

before the true thirst.

Oddity lends

To odds

Ruffle not the cords?


before you die.


before you shy.


Is to sly.

What the world to comply?


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