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Witch hunt


Long, tall, black witch
inside the weary ditch.
She promised me
a million things
she addressed to me
a million sins.“Venture far
not too far”
said she to me!
“There are a many stories
there are many a deeds.
Don’t you
Lose the grip
now don’t you
spoil your sleep.”They know you
no good
You know you
no better.
So just
just broom around
a bit
just smirk around
a little
just play around
a so.I dig
for a
Year and a half,
Out comes the
witch again
with a mocking little laugh.
Her hair is blue and
is her teeth too.
Lo! I cannot grasp her
for she is running
Away from me.
No, I cannot grab her for she is shying
away from me.
So all I do is
bless her,
bless her
to be me!
I bet again
shall I see
turned into a
full of sea.

French connection

Walk did I
Your grandiose,
Obey may I
Your conscience.
No teacher, let me enter now,
For teacher, I am here now.
Kneeling down your eyebrow,
You straighten my contour.
Killing throat even to borrow,
You button up my collar.
No teacher, its my first day, please
But not so harsh as you may please.
Next Tuesday I enter,
You are waiting to devour.
Last Fridaywasn’t enoughI bet for sure.
No teacher, they’re just two days of the week,
I am already feeling weak.
Now I get myself
And I move myself
Not right
For you
No teacher, I aint that wrong,
but maybe I don’t seem that strong.
My Grammar no good,
My writing no grand.
ButYou keep throwing
Of a
Foreign land.
No teacher, Let me leave my roots slow.
let me leisurely embrace the glow.
Make me stand once
Make me kneel twice
Make me shamed thrice
Make me pay the price.
No teacher, I aint the only one,
don’t you find none?
Big girl, am I called,
My parents beg to behold.
Why do you ridicule the fact,
with Satan’s pact?
No teacher, your heart must have pounded.
your soul must have stranded.
You hand over
Your last correction,
With a smirk over
Your consolation.
No light you show,
No hope I see.
No teacher, Are you content now?
for once bring me love, how?
Final day of our final meet.
I stand afar for a final greet.
You bless her and wish the other.
I am still waiting,
Waiting still.
No teacher, but you never glanced,
Upon my humble stature chanced.
My French dream
Hangs disconnected,
My French gleam
Stays misinterpreted.
No teacher, but someday in French Alps shall I be,
Remember the rendezvous
Of just you and me.
Then shall I sit back
And feel free…

Originally posted on by Pari at 7/20/2007

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