Orange Dream

There was a great orange tinge to the dream with smooth luster of Angelic blue Dust. It felt as though the image was taken from some other world, the world of the supernatural. My small maroon bed with endless graffiti across the wall, painted an image of a live fairytale. It was such perfect dream in a dream. Coming straight from Enid Blyton’s soul.

The scene opened with a naked fairy, who adorned reddish hair and pale orange lips. She kept rolling over and over the hazy grass calling my conscience with her wistful eyes till my sister disturbed her presence. Deep she went into the flickering forest and deeper I followed to feed my curiosity. I saw her running to a patch of arid land, which facilitated two houses, made of soft wood Orange wood. An Old lady took her by the hand and tried to push her in one of the front house.

Her long curly reddish locks kept coming over her face and her uncertain nature kept forcing her to run away. I wish her name were Zireene. It reflects her feral beauty. The old lady tried hard to put her home but the house seemed to be bounded by a spell and wouldn’t open. There was little they could do but wait. So wait they did. She sat on a rock near the trees, looking rather lost and kept twirling her locks with her fingers in a frenzy.

Finally it dawned upon the Old hag that the house may now open and so she asked the fairy to follow her into the front house. The fairy did as she was told, always looking back as if she was expecting someone. They went in the house, which had a huge window facing the front. But when she looked around she only found herself as she went out to the window, she saw the old lady sitting amidst a group of boys who wore red jerseys. They all gawked at her as if they were going to kill her out of thrill.

Carefully, she peaked out of the door and she wandered a little around her house, when the group of boys led her to an everlasting chase. She kept running around the two houses until she could run no more. She fell on the ground and a shimmering sparkle spread in the air. She lay elated and


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