Snake Murder

I am sitting inside a shed that is dilapidated and the roof is cracking in almost all lengths. I see two serpents sliding slowly through the tattered roof towards me. I know its not good and I am so scared but I move so slowly and I caution myself so mildly. I go in and sit next to my aunt and to my opposite sits my sister doing something I can’t notice over a gray uplifting of probably what looks like rags. I know its coming but I am still languid. Then finally a long serpent with rough golden skin, wriggles in smoothly. It keeps to itself and does not liberate signs of any intentional harm to us. My aunt panics seeing it and looses control.

It must be at least 7 feet long. I guessed it out somehow and I am sure it must be so. It looked rather scary but after years of having it and its siblings around me I must had the courage finally released at last. So I swiftly go towards its tail when it is facing straight into the shed and I grab it by the tail. It wriggles and wriggles and throws around its weight but I hold on tight until it moves its head towards my sister. I summon my sister to put a heavy object on its head so that it slows down, while still having control of its long end.

She puts some black heavy object on it head and gets me a blunt knife. I hold the serpent from one hand while I cut a slice of him from the end. The slice is scarlet and I try hard to convince myself by cutting and slicing it into more and more thin slices. Until it stops moving and until I have lost sensation, I repeat it again and again, invariably.

I lift the weight over the once living creature and look around its mouth. The mouth is wide open and its eyes compliment mine somehow. They are big and golden.

Once again I look at the slices of it and I am reminded of Tuna. I even call on the cook to make a dish out of it to which she is thrilled while I stay bored and lost. I struggle to discover some odd smell of death or rotting but it smells of wet husk or grass. The smell is sweet but I cannot believe it to be. I am happy though for I have killed it at last, after years and years of terrifying dreams and memories.

Originally posted on by Pari at 5/18/2007


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