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Mirror and Mirage

Amidst our illusions, reflections and preconceptions
and we all love our cross and the crescent,
we assume our faith is fervent and prudent,
we blindfold ourselves and trust the mirage,
it is nothing but someone else’s tirage.

And no it is not a mirror
but is a dogma giving birth to terror.
Lie awake to move on from mirage to mirror.

What is life if not for scrutiny?
The scrutiny to stumble on
and reveal one-self.
Do we need a guide, a prophet or a god?
No, we don’t for we were born free,
Free to follow our instinct and thought,
chase mysteries in adventure caught.
The truth is here with you.
There is no god but the god within you.

Our experience and our perseverance
is all we need to enlighten our conscience.
It is this conscience that is the divine god,
The god, which led great men to glory.
No prophet held hands with them but
they self realized their inner story.


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